Qtopian NFT and Benefits

What wizardry is this?
As a Qtopia NFT holder, you'll get to experience all the excitement and adventure of the Qtopia realms with Phoebe the fox as your trusty guide. But that's not all - your Qtopia NFT also serves as an entry pass to a world of amazing perks and benefits.
With your Qtopia NFT, you'll have the ability to own land in the Imagine-verse, giving you a place to call home and build your own little corner of the world. And as you explore the land, you'll be able to collect free airdrops of new items and crafting resources, which you can use to conjure up new heroes and expand your collection.
As a holder of Qtopia NFTs, you can earn digital points by participating in staking activities. These points can be redeemed in our digital store and are tied to your NFT. If you choose to trade your NFT, the points will also be transferred to the new owner. This offers a unique and rewarding staking experience within the Qtopia metaverse, RPG game, and to-be-announced merchandise and animation lore voting system.
But the benefits of being a Qtopia NFT holder don't stop there. You'll also have the chance to get "Doors of Opportunities" drops, which can open up new paths and opportunities for you in the Qtopia realms. Plus, with the ability to maintain and host "Guild Halls," you'll have a place to gather with other players and share your adventures together.
So don't wait - join the ranks of Qtopia NFT holders today and unlock a world of possibilities!
Entry pass
Access to the Qtopia realms and all their perks and benefits
Early access to game modes
NFT holders may have early access to certain game modes before they are released to the general public
Ability to own land
A place to call your own in the Qtopia realms
Free airdrops
Regular drops of new items and crafting resources to help you conjure up new heroes and expand your collection
Doors of Oppurtunities
Special drops that can open up new paths and opportunities in the Qtopia realms
Ability to maintain and host Guild Halls
A place to gather with other players and share your adventures in the Qtopia realms
Engage to earn boost
Earn a higher % rate on Discord by engaging with the community
Earn points by staking NFTs, which can be redeemed in our digital store. Points are attached to the NFT and transferred with it if traded.
Missions to earn rare items
Complete special missions to earn rare in-game items
Raid to earn for holders
Only NFT holders can participate in raids to earn $$ after the mint
Rent your NFT
Rent out your NFT to others for scholarships or guild use
Trait, level, and stat buffs
NFT holders may receive special trait, level, and stat bonuses in-game