The Imagine-verse

Connection, Creativity, Collaboration, Community.
Invest and Express
At Qtopia, we believe that an open-aired metaverse design is key to fostering a sense of community and promoting interactions between players. That's why we've designed our metaverse to be highly visible, with no ending edges and a seamless transition from one side to another.
We understand that many metaverse projects can become ghost towns after release, with sparse and empty lands. That's why we've implemented a system that allows users who become land owners in Qtopia to select templated designs, ensuring that their investment is immediately put to use generating in-game resources.
Our metaverse has no central point, ensuring equal opportunities for all players and land owners. This helps to avoid any volatility in land values based on proximity to the center of the map. We believe that this design will help to create a thriving, vibrant community in Qtopia.
In Qtopia, we will reserve selected plots for sponsors, investors, brand partners, guilds, and DAOS to own. These plots will generate resources that can be used to level up characters, equipment, and even create new NFT characters.
By owning multiple NFTs, you'll have the ability to host a custom-designed guild hall that represents your brand. But be warned - you'll need to hold a specific amount of NFTs in order to keep your guild hall active. Don't let your guild hall go dormant - keep it thriving and active with a strong collection of NFTs!
Frequent live-ops, such as monster hunting for elusive VitaMon creatures, will be hosted in the metaverse. Certain iconic NPC and maybe even Vitamin Gods will periodically traverse through. Keep an eye out for them!
As you progress through the story, you'll unlock new grid theme designs that can be purchased with additional resources. Players can own up to four grids in total, which can be combined to create even more unique layouts. Check out the design shapes below to see all the possibilities!
1 Grid Design:
2 Grid Designs:
3 Grid Designs
4 Grid Designs: