Guild Halls

Razzle Dazzle!
In Qtopia, owning a Door of Opportunity allows you to establish an instanced guild hall where you can host anywhere from 20 to 100 players (depending on the size of the guild hall). These private instanced spaces are perfect for hosting meetings, events, or just hanging out with friends, and they also provide additional opportunities for resource generation. You can even create shops within your guild hall to rent or lend your heroes or resources to other players, or engage in trading with other players.
If you hold a certain number of Qtopia NFTs, you can request a customized designed hall that represents your guild, raid, DAO, or brand. Keep an eye out for updates on the exact number of NFTs required for this feature. However, it's important to note that all NFT holders must maintain a set number of Qtopia NFT in their wallet to maintain their guild hall. Upgrades are available for guild halls, and special designs are available for partners, guilds, and DAOs. These instanced spaces are a great way to generate the legendary virtues needed to summon unique NFT characters.
Candy-Pop Guild Hall
The World Tree Guild Hall
The Pirate's Cove Guild Hall