The Vitamin Gods

Let there be supplements!

Vitamin Augustus

(Regeneration and immunity)
Augustus, gifted with the power of regeneration and invincibility, has a special connection with animals. However, his thirst for battle often leads him to reckless behavior, challenging anyone to fights despite knowing he may lose. Through his actions, Augustus teaches our heroes the dangers of letting bloodlust cloud their judgment and the importance of controlled bravery.

Vitamin Bae

(Energy levels and support function)
Bae is a complex character with multiple personalities, each with a name starting with "B" to represent the various B vitamins. His main role is to provide energy and strength. Bae sided with Carmine in the civil war and believes the other gods aren't working hard enough. Without Bae's guardianship and guidance, the people of Happiness began to succumb to a lazy rot caused by the Sugroar horde.

Vitamin Carmine

(Growth, development, and repair)
Carmine was the envy of all the other Vitamin Gods, beloved by the citizens of Happiness for his gifts of Growth and Repair. His special bond with fruits and the moon made him a shining star in the eyes of the people. But with great popularity came great pride, and Carmine began to believe that his gifts alone were enough for the citizens. He grew arrogant and convinced himself that the other gods didn't deserve the worship of the people, and thus a civil war began.

Vitamin Dolores

(Shielding and healing)
Dolores, once the beloved goddess of shielding and healing, was consumed by envy for the love and adoration the citizens had for her husband, Carmine. She was also poisoned by the cursed sugar, Sugroar, which withdrew her power from the realm of Happiness. As Dolores turned to darkness, the citizens were left vulnerable and the world was thrown into chaos. But hope remains, as a group of brave heroes embark on a quest to defeat the Sugroar horde and restore Dolores to her former glory. Will they be able to save the once-great goddess and bring balance back to the world?

Vitamin Elon

(Health of blood, brain, skin)
Elon has the gift of Memory and Bonds. Special connection to the earth, which is important in cultivating plants and the VitaMelons. A self-proclaimed influencer, Elon always brag about his accomplishments and demand more attention and love from the citizens. But beneath his arrogant exterior lies a deep-seated greed, as Elon believes he deserves more recognition than even the beloved Carmine. Will his thirst for fame and fortune lead him down a dark path?

Vitamin Kara

(Blood health and Dreams)
Kara, the god of Dreams and Balance, holds the power of spiritual projection. With this ability, Kara can astral project himself to different locations and even time periods to gather information and insight. The Heroes journey to find Kara in hopes of using his ability to locate the lost city of Medulla. Kara, who refused to take sides in the civil war, has been avoiding his fellow gods in search of solitude.