The Lore

Into the Realm of Happiness
The Vitamin Gods


In the lands of Happiness, life is a little different than it is in the real world. Here, even the most ordinary folks are blessed with god-like powers, thanks to the Vitamin Gods.
These powerful deities bestow upon the people of Happiness great strength and near immortality, in return for their devotion and service. The people of Happiness are tasked with planting and harvesting the VitaMelons, a magical plant of remembrance that gives the Vitamin Gods their powers.
The VitaMelons are a vital part of life in Happiness. They are said to hold the memories of all who have ever lived, and by tending to them, the people of Happiness ensure that these memories are passed down through the ages.
Powerful and delicious ViteMelons that continues to sustain the Vitamin God's powers.

Vitamin Gods

In the city of Medulla, the Vitamin Gods live among the people of Happiness. Carmine, the most popular of the gods, is responsible for sharing the blessings of Growth. His wife, Dolores, is the goddess of Healing and Restoration.
Together with Augustus, who grants Invincibility; Bae who bestows Strength; Elon, who gifts Memory; and Kara, who is responsible for Dreams, the Vitamin Gods are always ready to share their blessings with the citizens of Happiness.
Each of the Vitamin Gods has a VitaMon companion, a magical being that represents their unique powers and abilities. The VitaMons are a constant presence in the city of Medulla, always by the side of their godly masters.
In the realm of Happiness, the Vitamin Gods live in the city of Medulla, where they supplemented the realm with prosperity.

The Civil War

But the trouble is brewing in the midst of the Vitamin Gods. As the goddess of Healing and Restoration, Dolores was used to being a powerful and respected figure in the land of Happiness. But when she became jealous of her husband Carmine's popularity and fell victim to an evil plot by her sidekick Cinnabum, everything changed...
Cinnabum, leader of the malevolent Candy Horde, gave Dolores a cursed candy that led her down a path of sugar addiction and envy. Spurred on by Cinnabum's scheming, Dolores began to turn her back on the sun and the land of Happiness.
Cinnabum brainwashed Dolores with sugar addiction.
Without the warmth and light of the sun, Dolores' powers began to wane. As the situation grew dire, the Vitamin Gods were forced to confront each other in a clash of wills. In the heat of battle, they were driven from their home and left the land of Happiness in turmoil.
The Shattering of Bonds
Without the guidance and protection of the gods, the people of Happiness were left to fend for themselves. But even in the darkest of times, hope springs eternal.

The Heroes

From the distant corners of Web3, a group of brave young heroes has heard the cries of despair from the land of Happiness. Sensing that something is awry, they set out to investigate and find out what they can do to help. As they journey through the troubled land, they discover that all is not well. The people of Happiness are suffering from the suffocating effects of sugar, and the land itself is in disarray.
Determined to bring hope and healing to the land, the heroes set out to search for the lost art of cultivating the VitaMelons. They also seek out the lost pets of the gods, the VitaMons, hoping that they will lead them to the forgotten VitaGods that are wandering the land.
Have you seen the VitaMons?
Each of these heroes has their own virtues to share and story to tell. They are all committed to bringing out the best in the people around them, and they are determined to make a difference in the world.
As they explore the land of Happiness, they encounter many challenges and obstacles. But with their courage and determination, they are sure to overcome any pitfalls that come their way. Will they be able to restore the blessings of the Vitamin Gods and bring Happiness back to its people? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: these brave heroes are not only working to restore the blessings of the Vitamin Gods, but they are also working to create a positive, high-energy, mass-market fun experience that brings people together and fosters a sense of community and culture.
Whether they are solving puzzles, battling fierce foes, or simply enjoying each other's company, the heroes of Qtopia are always seeking to create an entertaining and engaging experience that leaves everyone feeling uplifted and positive.
So come join us in Qtopia, where adventure, excitement, and fun await at every turn! We can't wait to see what kind of hero you will become.