Cinnabum and the Sugroar Horde

"A little sugar is fine, but too much can cause chaos and disrupt the balance of things" - Vitamin God, Carmine
A tragic story about Cinnabum:
Cinnabum was once a kind and loyal sidekick, always looking for ways to make her friend Dolores happy. So when Dolores was feeling down, Cinnabum thought she could cheer her up with a small taste of sugar. But little did she know, that small taste would prove to be cursed.
As Dolores consumed more and more sugar, she became increasingly jealous of her husband Cameron's popularity with the citizens of Happiness. She turned her back on the sun and the land, and her powers waned. The Vitamin Gods were forced to leave their home behind, and Cinnabum was left to pick up the pieces.
But the cursed taste of sugar had also poisoned Cinnabum's mind. She became addicted to the adrenaline rush of Sugar, and before she knew it, she was leading a massive horde of Sugroar to terrorize the realm of Happiness. The once simple sidekick had been completely turned into a villain by the effects of sugar.
It was a vicious cycle - Cinnabum couldn't find happiness herself, so she turned to sugar to numb the pain. And as she consumed more and more sugar, her actions became more and more destructive, causing suffering for those around her.
But even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. Perhaps one day Cinnabum will break free from the cycle of sugar and find true happiness within herself. Until then, the realm of Happiness remains in peril at the hands of the destructive Sugroar horde.
Cinnabum and the sugar horde