The Journey Ahead

We are gonna make it, together!
The roadmap will be consistently updated to show progress. Below is a high-level summary target. Our goal is to keep it simple, under promise, and overdeliver!
  • Build a thriving community and prepare to Mint
  • Prototype of the Metaverse
  • Create systems to let users generate resources on their grid land
  • Set up missions to send NFT characters to earn rewards
  • Guild Halls demo test
  • Personal grid expansions
  • Preparing for free airdrops to holders. Resources and decoration items.
  • Setting up connections to Engage to Earn function
  • Sneak peek of the Social-Gamefi and community lore-building contest
  • Expand the game content and features: Summoning portal activated
  • Airdrop of rewards to NFT holders
  • Add more tiers to the metaverse land, unlocking new ingredients and themes
  • Introduce new NFT characters and equipment to collect
  • Implement PVP missions and new adventure missions
  • VitaMon collection and hunting missions release
  • Summoning portal update with new trait summons
  • Release new resources and methods to earn
  • Set up merchandises and release animation short pilot