Qtopia's Team

An experienced leadership team at building remote companies, award-winning games, and building massive community reach.

Daniel Chou - Vision, Strategies, and Execution.

With over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry, Daniel Chou has proven himself to be a master of building and scaling remote teams. He has successfully led fully-remote offices with a team of 75+ employees and has developed the innovative PACT hiring practice, which has been implemented by numerous startups. In addition to his expertise in remote work, Daniel has a track record of launching profitable titles with top companies such as Zynga, Playstudios, WMS (Scientific Games), Koolbit, Timegate, SEGA, Fox Cub Games, and Mino Games. As a consultant, he has helped numerous startups achieve success through his proactive, assertive, communicative, and transparent approach. With his extensive knowledge and successful track record, Daniel is looking to launch Qtopia into the stratosphere!

Onyx Gallegos - Head of Growth

Onyx is a web3-native entrepreneur who has launched multiple sold-out NFTs, including Utility Ape's Engage-to-Earn tools. With Onyx at the helm of expansion, Utility Ape explosively grew the Qtopia community from 0 to 37,000 verified users in just one week. In addition to managing Utility Ape, Onyx has also successfully sold out three generations of mint collections, with a total of over a dozen sold-out mints under his belt. Onyx's expertise and track record make him a valuable asset to the Qtopia team and community.

The Qtopia Heroes - Studio Supported by 10+

Our designers and developers have a wealth of experience in the gaming industry, with many of them having worked on successful titles for decades. The design team has also been a key part of the Qtopia project, having contributed to the creation and development of multiple successful projects and animations within the company. We are confident that with their expertise and dedication, Qtopia will continue to thrive and provide an immersive and enjoyable experience for all of our players
For any business inquiries, please contact Daniel Chou: [email protected]