Character Collection

"Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails. That is what boys are made of.
Super and spice, and everything nice. That is what girls are made of"
Players will be able to collect virtuous materials while playing the game and while investing in their metaverse land. Like the old rhymes of what boys and girls are made of, the heroes in Qtopia are made out of virtues. NFT holders will be able to receive continuous free airdrop of special resources for summoning specific styles of new heroes.
As you journey through Qtopia, you'll collect a variety of virtuous ingredients to summon new heroes at the summoning altar. The rarity of these ingredients increases as the story progresses, and unlocking new tiers of metaverse land will generate even more ingredients. Just mix five ingredients at the altar and a new hero will appear, ready to join you on your quest. These heroes are a vital part of Qtopia, and collecting them all is just one of the many challenges you'll face as you explore the realm. So gather your ingredients, visit the altar, and see who you can bring to life!
Summon a hero that presents you!
Players can collect and mix various virtuous ingredients to create and collect new NFT characters. These ingredients are used to unlock new content in the game, and the more virtues you collect, the more you'll be able to explore and experience in the realm.
Various characters generated from Virtues
If you find a combination of virtues that you particularly love, you can even fuse your NFT characters to create a powerful, high-tier hero
Collecting and combining virtuous ingredients allows players to create and collect powerful, high-tiered NFT characters. These characters not only have unique abilities and strengths, but they also gain higher popularity points (renown) in the metaverse. With their increased fame, high-tiered characters can earn special access to our writers, who will work with them to narrate special storylines that can be used in future update of the game.